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Episode #42: Tania Thomas Returns to Talk COVID-19


Last week, deep in the throes of self-isolation, I got a message from my friend and John Huff Podcast alum Tania Thomas, psychic medium (listen to her first episode here). Tania had some things to say about what’s going on in the world these days and I was happy to welcome her back to the show for another conversation.

You’ll be pleased to know that Tania sees good things coming from the current crisis, though the road may be difficult over the next little while.

So what we have in this episode is a conversation about our practical realities, as well as some projections about how Coronavirus may change the way we live, relate to each other, and craft our values. This may indeed be a before/after incident for everyone – a time that marks a major change between how things were before COVID-19 and how they are now. But this can be a good thing if we take this opportunity to recognize what’s truly important and begin to live more empathetic lives as a collective.

Tania obviously has different sources on this stuff than I do. She has an ability to tap into spirit and her frame of reference makes her insights compelling to say the least. I’m encouraged by her optimism about where things may go from here.

I hope you will be too.

For now I hope you’re finding ways to be positive, constructive, and healthy throughout this pandemic. I’m producing podcasts, working on my drumming, and thinking hard about what’s most important. This forced withdrawal from life as we knew it is useful for that kind of exercise. Musicians like me are seeing what remains of the rug being pulled out from beneath us, but there is hope that good will still come of it.

Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and enjoy this conversation with Tania Thomas. As ever, I’d love to hear your feedback or have a go at any questions you may have. Contact me here if you like!


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