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Episode #123: Dharma, Road Stories, & The Tao Of Futures Past


Is it redundant to reproduce the show description here since it's already in the photo above? Probably. One of the things I need to do in producing this podcast is limit the redundancies. There are so many moving parts to this program. I'm sure I could be more efficient with it all and that's one of the things I intend to think about over my little Christmas break. There are ways to do this better. Most of the time you're evolving on the fly because there are maybe six hours of down time between publishing one episode and preparing the next. Now that I have a couple of weeks to muse and consider, hopefully I'll uncover the ways to improve everything from process to content.

Until then we have this week's episode, which I like. The Q&A episodes are fun. I like going to varying and weird places like Cliff and Norm from Cheers and dharma and road stories. More and more I'm drawn to the arcane things and the free-for-all approach to podcasting. Less and less I care whether that's what the industry wants or if the style meets the recommendations. At a certain point you let go and do what makes you feel good. Right now that feels good. I'm beginning to learn - as I tried to articulate in my response to one listener question - that if you get your moments right, the next five years will take care of themselves.

I didn't talk about much music this week, so in place of the normal music videos, this week's goodies are what photographs I could find that are relevant to the road stories I shared in the episode. Photos and descriptions follow. Thank you as ever for listening, supporting, promoting, encouraging the show this year. It was at times a rough ride for your humble host, but all of you faithful listeners stayed with me. I have always appreciated it. Best wishes for a great holiday season. I'll chat with you in '23!

Referenced on the episode:

Boogie's guitar, signed by only two drummers - yours truly and Mikkey Dee of Motorhead.

Deni and Ken outside Cowboy Und Indianer, steps away from where they showed such remarkable compassion on Hamburg's notorious Reeperbahn.

Carly Thomas and band under pressure at the Explode EP release show ...

... and then on the following night at The Press Club, which was the night of perhaps my favourite road memory.

And finally Kay on that fateful evening in Rees, Germany.


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