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Episode #14: Tuning Into the Other Side With Tania Thomas

Tania Thomas talks to dead people.

She sees them too. Everywhere. Every day they tap her on the shoulder wanting to talk, to connect to someone, or even just assuage their loneliness.

Yes, she has a strange life indeed.

But it’s always been this way. She had all sorts of “friends” when she was a child – people in her world who the other living members of her family couldn’t see. They described her as “odd.” For a long time she didn’t think much about it, but after a couple of incidents that she describes in this episode, she began to realize she wasn’t seeing what everyone else was seeing.

I’m intrigued not only by Tania’s gift, but by her story. How do you have these visions, have these genuine interactions with deceased people, and learn to trust it? How do you not lose your mind in connection with spirits that nobody else can see – or sometimes even believe – are there? Tania resisted her gift hard. She fought it tooth and nail. She doubted, and then something terrifying happened that sent her into a complete existential spiral.

Over time she learned to be who she is and use her psychic gifts to help other people. Her experiences as a medium have been intense, frightening, sad, silly, and very funny over the years. She has helped bring peace and answers to a lot of clients who are hurting. She is a reassuring, if pointed, voice in channeling the messages that come to her from beyond.

You might be making a face at this point. Skepticism is healthy and she welcomes it. I’ve seen her in action many, many times as a participant on her Visions N Voices tours with Sarah Smith and I can’t deny that I’ve been amazed at what comes out of her mouth. Just the most random details about a person’s life or personality that leave the living stunned. It’s really something to see.

I have to be careful as I write this. She’s leaning over my shoulder (we’re on tour at the moment).

Anyway, this is a fascinating conversation whether you believe in Tania or not. Her stories are harrowing and hilarious. Powerful and profound. Her live shows are also extremely entertaining, so if you get a chance to attend one, or even to schedule a one-on-one reading, I highly recommend it. She will most definitely make you think.

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