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Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

“You have to do the work.”

The message comes back over and over and over, from screenwriters and bloggers and actors and musicians and writers. It comes to us again from Lynne Hanson – singer/songwriter, poet, and the latest podc...

In the end, you have to do the work.

Over and over again we hear from successful people that there is no secret formula to becoming whatever it is you want to be. Musician. Actor. Entrepreneur. Blogger. You can romanticize it all you like, but the work is what makes it happen. Acting classes. Bar gig...

Where do I begin with Nikki Bon?

Well, I begin by saying that this is absolutely one of my favourite episodes of the podcast. It generally comes down to the guest, and Nikki was so honest and insightful about her story that our conversation couldn’t help but be great.

But what are the take-aways?

As I...

As Sarah K says in this episode, you just never know what’s coming.

A few years ago I didn’t know that touring in Europe was coming. That this website was coming. That this podcast was coming. I didn’t know my current life was coming, but here we are.

Sarah K didn’t know her life as a drummer was comi...

The same themes just keep running through this show, don’t they?

Commitment to craft.

Forging a path.

Doing your own thing.

If you’ve listened to the show, you’ve heard many different creative people talk about this stuff. Musicians, writers, actors. In Hollywood, California and London, England, and Wat...

It's roadisode time again! This time around we're in a hotel room in Fürth, Germany, talking about all sorts of fun stuff. It remains my pleasure to tour and talk with Ken The Zen and Deni Gauthier.

We were about half-way through the tour when we recorded this, after a really fun show in a cool club....

Welcome to the first episode of the podcast recorded in Europe!

Yes, the lads in the Sarah Smith Euro band sit down in a hotel room in Gladbeck, Germany, hit record, and see what comes out. As always, the conversation went everywhere. We talk music, comedy, wine, and spirituality. We tell road storie...

I love it when people make changes for the better.

I love the decision. I love the discipline. I love the results. This show exists partly to show my listeners proof that change is possible, and give them practical advice on how to do it from people who have been there.

Enter Al ‘The Yeti’ Bones.

I met...

What to say about Katie McClelland?

You know, when I approached Katie about being on the show, I was expecting a conversation about mindfulness, yoga, and personal development. We certainly did talk about those things, but I wasn’t really expecting a conversation about her descent into and recovery f...

I didn’t ask Emily to be on my show because she’s an Arsenal fan.


But finding that out in my research was the cherry on top of meeting her and talking to her about drumming, entrepreneurship, and her career.

I first encountered Emily on Instagram. As I said in the intro to this episode, I fo...

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