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Episode #97: Like Motley Crue


The age-old question: what do you put in the show notes that won’t make listening to the episode unnecessary? And do people read show notes anyway? That might be more appropriate for a more technically minded or niche podcast than it is for whatever I’m doing here, but I want to make this page worth visiting, so I’ll try to offer something more substantial than the brief description you get on your podcast service.

I ended the podcast formally in February but, like Motley Crue, I’ve decided to break my contract (verbal in this case) and perform again. I can’t say exactly why, except to say that the urge to do the show never really went away. I needed to look at my motivations, deal with some personal stuff, and in a certain sense get my strength back. I wasn’t even sure I’d publish this episode after I recorded it. I was about to say that there’s more to a podcast than simply recording an episode and putting it up. There’s kind of a tacit agreement in the exercise that promises subsequent episodes. So, in effect, posting one means committing yourself beyond that.

Or so I thought.

I’ve always overthought this podcast (as I overthink most things). I’ve been caught many times in the trap of trying to be all podcasts to all podcast listeners, which has placed an enormous amount of pressure on me and on the product. It’s easy to get caught up in whatever “the rules” are popularly decided to be, but the truth is there really aren’t any rules. And there isn’t really any pressure. I think once you let go of all that and just do what’s in you to do, things get easier and the product gets better. So I’m endeavouring to do this without pressuring myself, even if it means I break the rules and don’t publish as strictly as the best practices say I should. We’ll see how it goes.

In any case, I have decided to publish this episode and make a return to the podcast space. For me it’s about trying to put a bit of light into the world. Sometimes that means sharing deep insights about personal development and growth, and sometimes that means talking about my favourite Motley Crue song. This week it’s the latter and I hope you’re cool with that.

Copyright rules still won’t let me get away with including music in the show, which is a drag, so if you want to hear some of the music I’m talking about, follow the Referenced On The Pod 2022 playlist on Spotify.

Many thanks for checking out this weeks episode. Comments, questions, and episode topic suggestions are always welcome. Click here to message me!


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