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Episode #79: Hiatusode


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There's not a lot to say, really. Time to reassess, re-evaluate, consider the way forward. The past year has been extraordinarily challenging for most of us, and I'm no different. I've tried to keep show going as a way of helping my listeners (and me) get through Covid. With restrictions at last beginning to lift, maybe the worst is over and the job is done for now.

So it's hiatus time. Just want to use this space to thank all of you for supporting the show through 79 episodes. I know it was pretty directionless at times and I appreciate you being willing to watch me experiment (even if it was for the car crash appeal). Take care, be well, and remember: good things happen when you put yourself out there!

Until we meet again ....

Oh, here's some Olivia Rodrigo, as referenced on the episode:

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