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Episode #72: Year-Long Saturday


Almost didn't get there this time around. The issue with doing a solo podcast that is not super focused is that you can sometimes run out of things to say, especially if life is on hiatus and there's not much going on. I was going to let it slide this week, but some important stuff came into my awareness courtesy of some other very experienced people so I decided to share what I could with you.

I am still very uncomfortable talking about the personal development stuff. It feels fraudulent to me, but again, not my wisdom. Just stuff that resonates that might resonate with you too.

The impetus for the episode came once again courtesy of the great Brandi Carlile and, more specifically, her performance in 2018 on Austin City Limits. And even more specifically, the performance of her drummer Chris Powell on that show. I have described his performance as the standard for me. It was both an incredible inspiration and an incredible discouragement, but perspective is everything. The show happened to be re-broadcast last weekend and I caught it randomly in my channel-surfing. That's a nudge, kids. And it reminded me how much I want to experience that kind of thing as drummer, even if it's silly or naive of me to think I can get there.

Watching Powell play got me panging pretty hard, which reminded me of a lesson about using your jealousies - your pangs - as a guideposts that I got from the equally great Mel Robbins last week. If you're stuck wondering what to do now, pay attention to your pangs.

I was also gifted some heavy wisdom about uncertainty as illustrated by Easter Saturday (the forgotten day of the Easter story) that was shared by a pastor called Kirk Henderson.

Have you thought about how awful and frightening Easter Saturday must have been for the followers of Jesus in the story? Friday was a nightmare, but there was hope of a resurrection or fulfillment on Sunday. Saturday is the day they had to sit in that grief and uncertainty and try to hold on to their faith that the fulfillment would come.

Aren't we in a global Saturday now? Aren't some of us in year-long Saturdays right now? I sure am, but I take a great deal of encouragement from what Kirk Henderson said about the promise of fulfillment in the end.

Finally, I'm recommending Willie Nelson's new album That's Life - his second tribute to Frank Sinatra that reveals a pretty great crooner beneath those braids. Willie's record led me to a game I'm pretty excited about: The Big Band Game! Can you guess my favourite big band song? Listen to the episode to hear your options. Then think it over and send in your guess.

In the meantime, here's a taste of Chris Powell delivering what for me was a life-changing performance with Brandi Carlile.


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