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Episode #70: Bad Backs & Broken Teeth


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Show notes, man.

The bane of many a podcaster’s existence. As ever, I find myself torn about what to say here and what to leave for the episode. It’s supposed to be about the listening, not the reading. Frankly, the whole idea stresses me out.

Twenty years ago I hurt my back in the gym and it’s never been the same. I had a flare-up a day or so before recording time, so there was a chance that I wouldn’t get an episode together. I managed, with help from our old friend Dr. Ho and his electronic pulse things. Highly recommended if you have muscle aches, back pain, etc. Find them here.

My primary motivation this week was just to be there for whoever might need me to be there. I went to the dentist last week about a tooth issue and my dentist said she thinks I’ve been grinding my teeth. Even more frightening, she said the presence of grinders in her office has increased greatly throughout the pandemic, to a point where she’s had patients break their teeth off in their sleep. The stress is real, gentle reader. And so I put together an episode with Dr. Ho just in case you need whatever this thing offers for an hour.

But it’s not all about grinding teeth and anxiety and stress. There’s a great synchronicity story featuring the legendary Gregg Bissonette (drummer for David Lee Roth back in the 80s glory days). There’s also the Rush game – guess your humble host’s favourite Rush song! Everyone loves the guessing games, right? Finally, I’m spinning the new album by Kings Of Leon and talking a bit about my compelling history with that band.

Hope you enjoy the episode and that in some way it helps keep the teeth in your head. Thanks as always for listening!

And now, here’s some new Kings Of Leon.

And since we can always use a little fun, Gregg Bissonette playing with Roth way back when.

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