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Episode #69: Synchronicity


Maybe there’s synchronicity in this episode.

Maybe this episode will be heard by someone out there and the hearing will result in some connection or opportunity that will utterly change everything for the better and how meta would that be? How cool would if be if an episode called Synchronicity that’s about synchronicity instigated a magnificent synchronicity?

This has nothing to do with the album of the same name by The Police, despite the cover art.

Things come into your awareness sometimes – synchronistically – that just go together. In this case, I was reading Ram Dass’s memoir Being Ram Dass, after having just read Matthew McConaughey’s memoir Greenlights, and then I looked at an interview with Terry Ilous of the band XYZ. You wouldn’t necessarily expect any ties to bind those things together, but I saw the role that synchronicity played in each of their lives and it got me thinking. And it got me excited, but synchronicity is a powerful thing, and when you look at the way it created the lives that each of those men have experienced it’s … well, I find it profound and inspiring, even if some people just call it all good luck.

You can listen to the episode and decide for yourself.

Elsewhere on #69, I relate an alarming story related to the Ram Dass book about how much I’ve become addicted and how much my impulses have been shaped by my phone, despite my efforts not to get hooked. There is also a section on some great new music released by the band Crown Lands. My band played with those guys a few years back and it’s been fun to see how they’ve blown up since, with tours in support of Primus, Jack White, and others. They are diehard Rush fans and they released a couple of new songs recently (see below) to pay tribute to the band. Great stuff and some cool stories.

Finally, I took a spin with Serena Ryder’s new album The Art Of Falling Apart. I had never dug too deep into her work, despite knowing and liking her radio hits. I wasn’t expecting to be as blown away as I am by her album and in particular by her voice. What a singer she is! Incredible (also see below).

Thanks as ever for checking out the podcast. Please do contact me if you have comments or questions!

And now here’s Crown Lands.

And Serena Ryder.


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