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Episode #65: A Smashing Episode!


Extremely short on time for show notes this week, mostly because I decided to re-record the episode (even I have standards) and that set my schedule back by a day. Here's the digest:

On Episode #65, your humble host waxes semi-eloquent about songs that hit you, emotional release, Coldplay's A Head Full Of Dreams, grocery store Muzak, and Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers. Oh, and smashing guitars.

Once again we're pretty much all music all the time on this one. I was hooked deep by a song called Desire by Liza Anne last week. It's rare for me to be hit by a song like that, and it's so fun when it happens. Do you have songs do that to you? Just grab you by the heart and demand to be played over and over and over again? That was me with Liza Anne over the past five or six days. It was timely - I needed an emotional release with a year of madness tucked under my psyche and the song was just what the doctor ordered. It's a great one and I'm still listening to it now.

Phoebe Bridgers came onto my radar with her SNL performance a couple of weeks ago, mostly in my case because I liked the first song she performed, Kyoto. I went to bed before the real fun started and she smashed - or at least tried to smash - her guitar into a stage monitor after her performance of I Know The End. For some reason that caused a riot of controversy out in the social media world and I'm not sure why. I thought it was a cool attempt and it's always pleasing for me to see a band of young people playing instruments. I like Phoebe and I talked about her very cool album Punisher on this week's episode.

Elsewhere it's listener feedback, some talk about Coldplay's very cool documentary A Head Full Of Dreams, and the Grocery Store Muzak Game. We know Let 'Em In by Wings was my favourite grocery store Muzak song back in my produce days, but what was my second favourite? Listen to the episode, then write in to cast your vote! Let the music move you, kids. Let all kinds of art inspire you to emotional release. I know these times are difficult and scary and the anxiety is pervasive and sneaky. Feel what you feel and if you come across any piece of art that moves you, let it move you. And let me know if you have songs that hit you like Desire by Liza Anne hit me!

Here's Phoebe on SNL:


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