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Episode #59: It's A Start, Innit?


Welcome to 2021, kids!

Once again I struggle to know what to put in these show notes. As I said in the episode, I didn't feel my normal New Year's Eve and New Year's Day reverence this year and I don't really know why. The world - and my professional future - remain kind of upside-down, so it wasn't with the usual beating heart of hope that I greeted the morn of Jan 1, 2021.

But I'm trying to stay open and surrender and be optimistic about the good things yet to come. I hope you are too.

I borrowed today's title and my theme for the year from Arsenal left-back Kieran Tierney - a young leader of men and cracking footballer who called Arsenal's desperately-needed recent win over a Chelsea simply "a start." See below for footage of Kieran Tierney scoring a dynamite goal against West Brom last weekend.

Today's episode is a start too. A start to the year. A start at getting some momentum going. A start at believing. If you're on the cusp of change or working yourself up to a new goal or dream, I encourage you as always to just make a start. Let it be crappy, let it be intimidating, let it be curious and thrilling and fun for its own sake, but let it be.

That's a hell of a segue, kids.

Yes, in the first edition of the brand new Spinnin' segment of the podcast, I'm talking about Paul McCartney's III. It's a track-by-track rundown, with asides about Ringo Starr, Ringer Starr, playing Beatlesfest, bad Liverpudlian accents (with demonstrations), and my favourite grocery store music track. See below for a taste of Sir Paul's new record.

Finally, I'm giving shout-outs to a couple of new podcasts launched recently by past and present members of the seminal Canadian heavy metal band Kittie: The That's Sexy? Podcast featuring Mercedes Lander, and the 21st Century Rocker Mom Podcast featuring Tanya Candler. Kudos to both of them for making a start.

And hey, if you've got album recommendations for the Spinnin' segment, hit me up!

Now here's a look at the Joya no Kane ceremony in Kyoto, Japan:

And Kieran Tierney tearing up West Brom:

And a little Sir Paul for your enjoyment:


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