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Episode #51: Something Two Lews


Okay, fingers crossed friends.

I didn’t make any sort of prediction on the results of today’s election (or perhaps this month’s election depending on how long they drag this out), but I did predict that somehow sanity and humanity would prevail in the end.

Trying to stay positive.

Now, the results of the election maybe cause severe abdominal stress to a lot of you, so I’m doing a public service today and sharing my most effective remedies for relieving gallbladder pain. I’ve learned the hard way to go gastronomically unprepared into the winding wilderness of the road, and I tell you all about it on the episode, courtesy of an anecdote about the best and worst day of my life, which happened to be the same day.

All of that involves the magnificent village of Urk, Netherlands – town of dreams, wonderful and terrible memories, and the best fried fish anywhere. What a beautiful little village.

I closed today’s episode with my recommendation that if you’re looking for more intense, anger-relieving content than mine (thinking of election results again), you should check out Lewis Black’s Rantcast. Lew’s new podcast is quickly becoming one of my favourites, which makes sense since he’s one of my favourite comics. The Rantcast is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you love the catharsis of a powerful emotional explosion, but prefer to leave it to the professionals, Lewis Black is your guy.

The problem with writing show notes is that you don’t want to give away the whole podcast along the way. I do sincerely hope the election goes smoothly and that somehow humility, decency, and maturity shine through. I don’t necessarily expect it, but I do hope for it. And if they don’t, Urk and Lewis Black’s Rantcast are waiting.

For the record, Lou Ferrigno is one of my childhood heroes. I wanted to be The Hulk more than anything when I was a kid. That doesn’t really make gallbladder attacks easier, but I thought you might like to know.

Good luck out there, kids.


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