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Episode #49: Rakefet Abergel Returns


I really love Rakefet Abergel’s story. Here we have an actor who wasn’t getting the roles she wanted, so she decided to make her own movies and write the roles she wanted to play. Her short films Jax In Love and Boo were essentially elaborate business cards for her acting career, but they revealed latent talents she didn’t really know she had, including writing and directing.

They also opened up the horror genre to her, which is something she says she never saw coming.

Isn’t it funny what happens when we take action?

COVID has affected the film and television business pretty severely. There is a lot less production going on, and film sets have become much different places with smaller casts and various pandemic protocols. For people like Rakefet, it means less opporunity to act in or shoot films. Fortunately, she has cultivated other skills and is using this time to work on more scripts and manage the undeniable success of the work she’s already created. Boo, for example, premiered this week on Alter – a massive online movie platform that will expose her movie to a huge potential viewing audience.

For the current record, Boo has appeared in 60 film festivals and won over 40 awards, including acting and directing awards for Rakefet. Her decision to create and pursue her own path is an inspiring example to anyone who feels stuck or who is struggling to find a way “in.” She is the proof that a simple act of courage can change everything if you’re only willing to try.

It’s always a pleasure to talk to Rakefet about making movies. Our conversation today is a bit less formal than her first episode. It was fun to get to know her a bit more beyond her creative work. She’s a fascinating person and an ambitious artist. I hope you will enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

You can now watch Boo via Alter on YouTube here.

Follow Rakefet here.


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