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Episode #48: Triumphant Return


I had to step away for a minute.

The Covid got to me and I spent some time dealing with a heavy dose of existentialism and anxiety and it took the wind out of my sails (to be somewhat understated).

So I took some time off from the podcast and blogging and social media and being any sort of presence anywhere beyond my back yard. It was rough and maybe I'll talk about it at some point on the podcast, but for today we have something a bit lighter to mark a return for the show. You know, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself - or for someone else - is just provide an hour of escape. Television does that for us. Movies. Podcasts can do it too, and while I often feel a lot of pressure to deliver powerful inspiration on the show, it can be enough to just sit down and talk about music for an hour.

I hope the listening provides a bit of comfort for you too.

We're heavy on the rock and roll today, gentle listener. The passing of Eddie Van Halen got me on a bit of a tear about VH, Panama, AC/DC, backmasking events at churches I used to go to, and new music from some old favourites.

I'll leave you to listen for the details. If you're interested, here are a few of things I talked about along the way.

Hope you're well!


Dirty Looks

Kathleen Edwards



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