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Episode #45: Solosode 7 - Who Will You Be(e)?


The time is going to go by, kids.

Coronatime. Self-isolation. Quarantine. Many of us find ourselves suddenly with time on our hands, and the fundamental question in this week’s episode is what will you do with that time? I know it’s difficult. I know it’s stressful and there’s perhaps too much pressure on using this time to create something (thanks Shakespeare), but if you’re in this position and can see it as an opportunity, what will you do with it?

And how will the way you spend these bizarre weeks set you up for success when the world comes back?

I’m trying to use this time to improve my drumming. I don’t have gigs to prepare for anymore, so I’m working on a couple of major weaknesses. I’m also using this time to watch/research/listen to the drummers who are playing at the level I want to play at (with special reference to Chris Powell, Charlie Hall, and Jason McGerr). It’s important to dress for the job you want, gentle listener. Whether you’re a band or an entrepreneur or just want to climb the ladder, it’s vital to look at people who are where you want to be and figure out what they’re doing that you’re not.

Now is a good time to do that.

It’s also important to draw inspiration, and I’ve taken quite a lot of that from the stories of Schitt’s Creek actors Annie Murphy and Jennifer Robertson, both of whom were near the end of their respective ropes with acting when opportunity finally knocked. They both held on for one more audition and virtually overnight they found themselves working on a hit show. How encouraging and instructive is that for those of us who are still out here hanging on with raw fingertips? There are plenty of reasons to think you won’t or can’t make it. Focusing on those reasons can kill the dream, so put your focus on people who have made it work.

And, you know, it’s important sometimes to indulge the absurd. Thus the story of the bee in my Apiculture course in university (if the fact that I took an apiculture course isn’t absurd enough on its own).

I appreciate you listening to the show, friends. I also appreciate you taking the time to look at my show notes. As ever, if you like the episode, please share it!

And now, the music of Deni Gauthier and Karen Emeny, as promised.


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