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Episode #43: Getting Real and Healthy With Tanya Marie Harris


Tanya Marie Harris walked away.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, and without much public explanation, she left a growing career as a country artist (and Nashville recording artist) and more or less disappeared.

Just like that.

I was a bit stunned by that when it happened, but now that I know the rest of the story, I understand. Tanya was sick. Really sick. The life she was living – poor dietary choices, anxiety, stress – was destroying her body, to the point where her health became an urgent problem.

And so she made the incredibly brave and difficult decision to stop.

I didn’t know this part of the story until very recently, when a reinvented Tanya Marie Harris just as suddenly and unexpectedly reappeared via Facebook and began to explain not only what happened, but how she has changed for the better. Today, coach Tanya Marie Harris of Ritual Life Artistry is healthier, happier, and stepping into a sense of purpose that she has never had before.

It’s a fascinating and inspiring story, and I’m honoured that she shared it with me on this episode.

I wondered aloud during our conversation just how many people are stuck in lives they feel obligated to lead. Tanya was living that life as a performer. I wonder how many people are performing well below their best because of poor nutrition and poor health. I wonder how many people would make big changes if they only knew where to start.

For Tanya, it starts with the physical. With food. With feeling better by eating better. As she says, you can’t be your best if you don’t feel good. That's the foundation.

But don’t let me tell you. Let Tanya tell you how much her life changed when she got serious about taking care of her health. Let her tell you how doors have opened and ideas have come since she stopped doing what didn’t serve her and started taking steps toward a healthier body and mind.

Thanks for checking out my conversation with Tanya Marie Harris. You can follow her at:

And here’s a glimpse of Tanya as we used to know her:


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