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Episode #117: What A Lovely War


I don't have much to add to the description this week, except to plea again for a law that says you can't hang Christmas decorations in your department store until after Remembrance Day! Alas, money talks I guess.

"Fun" seems like the wrong way to describe the research on this episode. I mentioned that I'm in some ways uncomfortable lately with my First World War obsession and how much I talk about. The discomfort comes from talking so much about something so awful. And it really was awful. Is it helpful to bring such awfulness into the public consciousness? Is it a duty to do so? I often wonder, but then I've also seen the headstones. I've walked the battlefields. I've read the accounts. All of this needs to be remembered for a lot of reasons. I still can't imagine how these people endured that war and how it was allowed to continue. Just listen to the lyrics of the song I highlighted by The Zombies. It was the world gone mad.

And in some ways mad we remain.

In any case, it was fun to look into some of this music and discover these curious gems by Sabaton, Motorhead, and others. For goodies this week I have the sound map prepared by the Imperial War Museum and a couple of the songs I mentioned along the way. Thanks as ever for listening. Please drop me a line here with your thoughts, feedback, and music recommendations!

Referenced on the episode:

Sound map - the moment the guns fell silent

Metallica - One

The Zombies - Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)


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