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Episode #104: Feedback!


It’s about give and take, kids.

I know it’s mostly me yammering away on this program every week, but the truth is that you, faithful listener, have much to contribute to the evolving entity that is the John Huff Podcast. I’m reluctant to even write the name of the show in the show notes. Sometimes I prefer JHP. Are you comfortable saying your own name? I’m not, especially in a case like this where it’s almost like I’m talking in third person. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have named the show the John Huff Podcast. I would have kept my name out of it. At the time it seemed like the simple and obvious thing to call the show, and now that there are over a hundred episodes it seems like that proverbial horse has left the equally proverbial barn. It’s like the Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl has said he regrets choosing that as the name of the band, but it’s become so much part of the public discourse by now that nobody thinks about it anymore.

I wouldn’t say we’ve reached that level with the JHP, but maybe one day.

Anyway, the program isn’t just me. It’s also you, and I generally enjoy receiving feedback on the various episodes. I also enjoy sharing and commenting on some of that feedback in episodes like #104. Accordingly, we have this week some thoughts from my ex-goth friend about my thoughts on the goth movement. (Is there such a thing as an ex-goth? Is goth an attitude more than an image? Food for thought). We also have listener thoughts on 80s pop music that some of you remember with warm cockles, which sparked further memories for me of artists including Billy Joel, Christopher Cross, Billy Ocean, and others. Why, there’s even a little diatribe about Bon Jovi, if you can imagine, and the fact that it made the news when he cut his hair.

I also shared some memories of roller skating back in the 80s, which inspired a previously unexamined theory about goths, phone booths, and the nexus of the universe. It’s all happening on the JHP!

Now, as I said on the episode, I’m working on becoming a curator of art by people I know. At the moment I have several original Monty Colvins (including the inside cover art to my favourite Galactic Cowboys album, Machine Fish) and a digital Deni Gauthier. I’m fascinated by art and artists, and I want to create an eclectic gallery of things that my friends have painted. Last week’s foray into the Impressionists and Cubism further whetted my appetite for art, so if you’re an artist with work to share, hit me up!

And also please hit me up with your much valued and welcomed feedback. Contact me here to drop me a line about what’s on your mind with respect to music, art, podcasts, episodes, etc. I appreciate your ears and support!

Before I sign off this week, I must again express my condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Christian metal legend Michael Bloodgood, who passed away this week after suffering a stroke earlier this year. You never forget the music of your youth, kids, and Michael Bloodgood and the Bloodgood band were part of my soundtrack. Farewell and thank you for the music.

This week’s goodies include some live Christopher Cross (what a guitar player), the WWF/Billy Ocean collaboration that I remember so fondly, and, of course, some Bloodgood from way, way back in the day.

Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind Live

Billy Ocean - When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (WWF promo)

Bloodgood (live in 1987)


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