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Episode #22: Awakening With Katie McClelland

What to say about Katie McClelland?

You know, when I approached Katie about being on the show, I was expecting a conversation about mindfulness, yoga, and personal development. We certainly did talk about those things, but I wasn’t really expecting a conversation about her descent into and recovery from drug addiction. Not at first, anyway. The substance issues, not to mention the associated depression and anxiety, came up later in my research about her.

Man, what a story she is.

You can tell by the photo that Katie is a yoga teacher. She has built a thriving business with several studios under the De La Sol Yoga brand. She is also a speaker who talks to groups about changing thoughts, uncovering the true self, realizing potential, and waking up. Most people who talk about those things do so because they’ve overcome something. They’ve experienced darkness or difficulty and have developed strategies to rise above. Katie has certainly done that after almost a decade of drug addiction and a downward spiral into isolation.

Not everybody comes back from something like that. It takes courage and discipline and purpose. Katie has had her rock bottom moments, which, of course, lead to the triumphs she has experienced since. Her story should be an inspiration to anyone who feels lost, who feels hopeless, who feels like there’s no way back to a life of growth and potential. She’s been there, and she feels a responsibility to talk about it. I’m so glad she does. My conversation with her is honest, real, raw, and ultimately uplifting.

It also includes a twist at the end that still stuns and delights me, but you’ll have to listen to hear what it is.

Thank you to Katie for being so candid in this conversation. I’m sure her story will touch everyone who listens. It certainly touched me.


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