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Episode #7: Business and Passion With Jordan Gauthier

Where do I begin with Jordan Gauthier?

Well … I suppose at the beginning. I met Jordan in 2015, when I was in search of a new drum kit. I had something specific in mind that I couldn’t seem to find in my local drum shops, so I went online in search of a custom drum maker who could help. The search led me to YC Drum Company and its fabulous young craftsman, Jordan.

I have been so impressed with his work – and work ethic – since then.

YC has grown tremendously since then for two reasons: Jordan makes beautiful drums, and he stands behind them 100%. His customer service is genuine and impeccable. When he made my kit, he was based in Ottawa. He drove the finished drums to my house in London seven hours away. Any time I’ve needed his help or advice, he’s been there and been willing to help, and I’m not even on his artist roster. Man, it’s hard not to support someone who works so hard and serves so diligently.

Jordan knew as a teenager that he wanted drums in his life. Initially he thought that would mean being a touring drummer, but life nudged him in a different direction. He followed those nudges and didn’t look back, creating a great success story.

YC is now based in Waterloo and Toronto. Jordan builds drums for Canadian heavyweights including Danny Miles of July Talk and Tim Oxford of Arkells (as well as episode #2 guest Kurt Dahl of One Bad Son). He also tours and techs with those bands and others, and rents backline as part of YC’s services.

Oh, did I mention that he’s only 25 years old?

It’s almost impossible to believe that when you listen to the wisdom he drops in this episode about believing in yourself, creating a business, serving people, and chasing a dream. He also tells some fun behind-the-scenes stories about being on the road as a tech.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed making it!

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