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Episode #6: Building Your Own Thing With Seamus Evely

How many times have I said that good things happen when you put yourself out there? Well, at least six if you’ve listened to all of the podcast episodes.

Seamus Evely is the proof that I’m right.

I love Seamus’s story. As he explains in this episode, a cool set of synchronicities led him to launching a podcast a few years ago about drumming. It was an intimidating venture for him and he wasn’t even sure how to do it, but he made the decision to put himself out there and make DrumGAB.

DrumGAB quickly became one of the most popular drumming podcasts in the world.


Because Seamus is a gifted interviewer. Because he learned how to edit his show well. Because he figured out how to book guests of ever-increasing profile. Because he followed a nudge, faced his fears, put his heart into it, and did the work.

Then what happened? He interviewed Jared Falk from Drumeo – probably the world’s biggest online drumming instruction platform – and made a connection. That connection turned into an offer from Drumeo to turn DrumGAB into DrumeoGAB, and opened up a whole new level of possibility and opportunity for Seamus.

Love it, love it, love it.

This is an episode about courage. It’s an episode about faith. It’s an episode about what happens when you follow your instincts and just do the thing. I love how the pieces have fallen into place with this, and how philosophical Seamus is about it. I love the evidence it provides that great things lie on the other side of your fears.

What amazing connections, experiences, and successes are you missing out on because you just won’t follow that little nudge? What intuition do you have to do a thing that for whatever reason you ignore? My encouragement to you is to try it, whatever it is. Learn what you need to learn. Risk looking foolish if you must. Do the work if it speaks to you. See what path unfolds as you put one foot in front of another.

Why am I still typing? Let Seamus tell you his own story in the episode.


(Oh, and the Carolina Reapers story we referenced can be found in the debut episode with FenyxFyre).

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