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Episode #4: Keep Moving With Jason Tait

Have I said that good things happen when you put yourself out there?

Let this podcast be the evidence you need to believe. Four episodes in and I’ve already had the chance to spend an hour with one of my favourite drummers in the world. I had similar experiences with my music blog, interviewing people like Doug Pinnick and Gordie Johnson and Tom Keifer.

Sometimes you pinch yourself.

I’ve been following Jason Tait for a long time. As the drummer for Canada’s indie darlings The Weakerthans, he got me thinking about using mallets and shakers and turning the snares off when I play drums. He has always written cool parts, and I’ve tried to absorb some of his approach in my drumming.

Of course, he can rip when the situation demands it as well.

His current regular gig with Bahamas doesn’t generally require ripping. It requires Jason to play tastefully and with loads of groove – the things I aspire to in my playing. I love the story of how he got that gig, and he was kind of enough to tell it during our conversation.

If you follow Jason on Instagram, you’ll see photos of stages all over the world. Sydney Opera House. Red Rocks. Some of the coolest and most iconic venues on the planet. And yet he remains a humble guy from Winnipeg, happy to chat with me before a show. I was expecting some drum talk. What I wasn’t expecting was a conversation about hockey, barbecue, parenting, skateboarding, and other topics. Jason was totally open to just talking it out, which is exactly what I want this podcast to be.

I also geniunely value his insight on being a touring drummer and having a family, appreciating opportunities, and taking on new challenges.

If you’re a Weakerthans or Bahamas fan, this is the episode for you. If you’re an aspiring touring musician and you want the real picture, this is for you too. If you just want to listen to a guy with great stories tell a few of them, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

I should offer the caveat that we taped the interview before the Stanley Cup playoffs started, and, well, let’s just say neither his Jets nor my Canadiens achieved what we hoped they would.

The same can’t be said for this episode. It achieved exactly what I hoped it would and I’m thrilled to release it.

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And here’s Jason in action at Massey Hall with Bahamas. Pure class:

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