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Episode #1: Turning Pain Into Power With FenyxFyre

FenyxFyre is nothing if not a master of the unexpected.

When he agreed to be on the show, I expected him to share tales of intrigue and danger that would make me cringe. He definitely delivered on that expectation, but what I didn’t expect was such a deep and vulnerable conversation about his abusive childhood, depression, and fear.

I also didn’t expect him to tell me that pain drives his stunts. Not the pain of the stunts themselves, but the pain he carries that kept him small and afraid for so much of his life. He has chosen to turn that pain into something positive. He uses it to drive himself and not only entertain other people, but show them the power of pushing their limits.

Pain is energy. Depression is energy. Fear is energy. Energy unmanaged – or at least undirected – can cause havoc in our lives and bodies. I’ve dealt with this myself at times. I’ve had anger or sadness or frustration that I allowed to sit in me, making me ill, bringing me down. More advanced people know how to convert that energy into something, with the effect not only of creating something new, but of removing the negative energy from their bodies.

For FenyxFyre, that means coming up with new stunts that place him on the very edge (literally, as in jumping into razor blades). That might not be the outlet for everyone, but it gives him a sense of identity and purpose. It gives him back the power that he may have lost as a younger man. It has helped him reclaim himself in an exciting way.

We all have that power within us. We can turn frustration into a blog post. We can turn anxiety or fear about our disconcerting lack of gigs into a podcast. We can turn our anger into a workout or home improvement project. It’s about recognizing the feelings simply as energy and driving them instead of letting them drive you.

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