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Episode #60: The Maple Scare


As I type this I'm listening to a live performance of Re: Stacks by Bon Iver (see below). It's just Justin Vernon and his guitar. Such a beautiful and emotional song. That's what this episode is about, really - beauty and emotion. How emotions can sometimes overtake us (Re: Anxiety) and how music can be a conduit and a cure.

Yes, I know the song is called Re: Stacks, not simply Stacks as I called it in the episode. All apologies. There's a lot that I'm trying to keep straight when I record these things.

Anyway, front and centre in this week's Spinnin' segment is Gregory Alan Isakov's Evening Machines - a terrific album by a wonderful singer/songwriter whose work can provide the kind of emotional release that maybe some of us could use right now. The virus marches on. The United States is a gong show (which is too colloquial a term for what's going on and how it's affecting some people). Music provides so much balm. It provides release, escape, perspective, wisdom. If you love beautiful and profound tunes, I highly recommend Evening Machines. Obviously you can listen to the episode for deeper thoughts on the album.

I was reluctant to talk about some of the anxiety stuff, but when the bag opened, the cat came charging out, so there you have it. I talked about it because I still see so many people - and some new people - struggling with anxiety these days. My observation is that anxiety has a way of making you feel like your worst fears are coming true or are imminent. It can take over your thinking like a possession, no matter how rational you are, and it's extremely difficult to cope.

I hope my thoughts on the matter maybe offer some help if you're having trouble. If they don't, please talk to someone whose thoughts can help. There's no shame in therapy, people. Just talking it out can make a big difference.

Thanks as ever for listening. Congratulations to Bills (and Browns) fans on finally getting playoff wins, and if anyone needs Canadian flags ....

Gregory Alan Isakov - San Luis

Gregory Alan Isakov - Caves

Bon Iver - Re: Stacks (live)


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