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Episode #54: Who's Gonna Care?


It’s hard to know what to write in these show notes.

I mean, if I re-hash the entire episode, is there any point in listening to it? And if I’ve already said it all, is there any point in writing it?

These are the things you think about as you post another episode into the Covid world.

Today we take what is for a me a rare trip down movie memory lane. I don’t have a lot of movie memories. I grew up in a world where movies were evil, so I don’t have the attachment that most other people have to the movies they loved when they were growing up. Maybe that’s why I’m more of a music guy, even though I didn’t have access to a lot of the music that everyone loved when they were growing up either.

Anyway, my neighbour had The Terminator on VHS and I watched it many times, always with fascination. I loved Arnold. I was drawn to bodybuilders when I was a kid. My dad was into working out, so I had probably seen Arnold in old bodybuilding magazines before I saw him in the movies. I loved him in The Terminator. I loved that whole movie, actually. I loved the dark vibe, the grittiness, the premise. It was a special movie for me as a kid and I continue to love it (in fact, I watched it again after recording this episode).

Too bad they’ve made such a mess of the franchise in subsequent movies. I know people love T-2, but the first Terminator is by far the best movie of them all for me, even with the dated special effects.

There’s a scene in the original Terminator movie that has provided practical wisdom for me for over 30 years, which is why I talked about it on the episode. You’ll have to listen to find out which scene and what wisdom. Sarah Connor’s resilience – the hidden strength that circumstance had to bring out of her – also provides an object lesson, especially as we navigate this escalating pandemic.

From there we’re off to my Facebook memories, which reminded me recently that good things do indeed happen when you put yourself out there. According to Zuckerberg, on the same November day three years apart I was posting on Facebook about shows – one at a small club in my town and one at a small club in Dusseldorf, Germany. Looking at those memories, I was struck by how things changed so dramatically in my musical career in just three short years as a result of putting myself out there and being in the right place at the right time. There’s also a fun name-drop along the way, which forms the basis of a profound moment I had during a set-break on the streets of Dusseldorf.

Finally, in response to thousands of inquiries since the Triumphant Return episode, I address the question on everyone’s lips (and keyboards): What is my favourite hair metal song?

I’m sure the anticipation’s killing you, so you better tune in.



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