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Episode #44: Virtual Roadisode 1 With Ken and Deni


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I missed my boys.

With everyone confined to quarters, I haven’t been able to hang with my pals Ken The Zen and Deni Gauthier (nor any other pals or bandmates), so we got the bright idea to attempt a virtual roadisode – the Facebook Messenger version of us sitting in a hotel room talking about whatever comes up.

The audio quality on this episode is not good. I’ve done the best I can with it, but hopefully those of you who follow the show regularly will forgive a slight dip in quality in exchange for hearing from our old friends.

As usual, we went all over the place on this episode, starting with our traditional wine selections (it’s important to maintain what rituals we can in these strange times). Ken’s was particularly naughty, and for that we are appreciative. Then we talked COVID-19 for real, because Deni has experienced it and it does not sound fun. The good news is that he recovered.

We also got into some music talk centred around some shows I’ve been watching on YouTube and the explosion of live shows being hosted on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve all lost all of our shows for the foreseeable future (around 50 for Deni and 30ish for Ken and me). It’s a weird new world for musicians, as it is for people whose jobs are cancelled or who are working from home. I just went to the grocery store for the first time in almost two weeks and saw the line-ups out front. This bizarre new social etiquette. This unnerving new life.

I hope everyone’s holding up okay.

We also talked about Ghost and Tiger King and Deni’s fabulous mustache, so who says we’re not going deep here?

There’s not a lot that I can offer in these troubled times beyond, hopefully, a bit of comfort and entertainment to help you pass some of the time and hear familiar voices. Nobody wants me playing drums on Facebook, so I humbly submit another podcast episode for your enjoyment.

Take care, kids.

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Follow Deni here.

And hey, why not check out Deni’s new single while you’re passing the time:

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