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Episode #118: Around The World In Six Songs


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The theme for this week's episode was inspired by my recent conversation with Jacquie Neville. We talked about the song Amsterdam by Coldplay, and that got me thinking about other songs that are inspired by and named after cities.

There are so many!

I managed to talk about six of them on this episode - songs I really like by Indigo Girls, Sarah Harmer, Bon Iver, Billy Joel, Hole, and Amanda Marshall. I researched others, but didn't have time to include them in the episode, thanks in no small part to my musings about Britney Spears and her Toxic earworm. I can't write about it now. It will get in my head again.

Concepts like this - songs inspired by cities, songs about the Queen, etc. - give me and us a chance to explore a wide variety of music, which is why I like them. This week's episode is no different and I hope you enjoy. Thanks as always for listening.

Drop me a line here to let me know what you're listening to, or to provide feedback on the show. Cheers and happy listening!

For goodies this week I'll include Bon Iver's performances of Perth and Beth/Rest on Austin City Limits, as well as the video for Allentown. Go find Britney on your own!

Bon Iver - Perth (live on Austin City Limits)

Bon Iver - Beth/Rest (live on Austin City Limits)

Billy Joel - Allentown

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