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Episode #32: Roadisode 5 With Ken The Zen and Deni Gauthier

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Ken The Zen and Deni Gauthier need no introduction by now to anyone who listens to the show. They have both appeared on the program five times as we’ve travelled around playing music in North American and Europe.

We haven’t been able to do a roadisode together since we were in Germany in October. That’s the way of it for this iteration of the Sarah Smith Band. It’s rare for us to play together in Canada – Sarah’s “local” guys usually handle those shows, but there are occasions when we get to travel and one arose recently when we played a corporate Christmas show in Fort Erie, Ontario, just across the border from Buffalo, USA.

I brought the recording gear and after the show hit play.

The result is another fun, silly, insightful, honest conversation between three good friends on the road. I don’t really have a direction in mind when we do these episodes, which is one of the reasons I like them. When we were tearing down the stage from the Christmas gig someone turned on a playlist and we heard New Girl Now by Honeymoon Suite, as well as The Flame by Cheap Trick – both songs that have been relevant either to my musical leanings or my memory. I knew I wanted to talk about those things (after we sampled our wine selection, of course), but beyond that I had nothing planned.

As usual, the lads didn’t disappoint.

We laughed hard at times on this episode, as we always do. Things were goofy and I think compelling, and then they got deeply metaphysical toward the end. I talked a bit about how negative thinking has derailed me at times over the past year, including recently. Ken talked about some of the difficult times he’s faced in 2019 as well. I so appreciate these guys being honest on our roadisodes. I also appreciate them contributing to a space that allows us to be vulnerable. They really are good and decent men.

Keep your friends close this holiday season, gentle listener. And, as you travel or relax around home, keep my friends close as well via this episode.

Best wishes for a safe and happy end to 2019. Back in the new decade!

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