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Episode #25: Roadisode 4 with Ken The Zen and Deni Gauthier

It's roadisode time again! This time around we're in a hotel room in Fürth, Germany, talking about all sorts of fun stuff. It remains my pleasure to tour and talk with Ken The Zen and Deni Gauthier.

We were about half-way through the tour when we recorded this, after a really fun show in a cool club. You can probably hear the fatigue in our voices. How young we were way back then. We're now over five weeks in and the end is in sight. It's been really terrific so far and we're looking forward to ending strong.

This will probably be the last roadisode for a while. We'll be back to more traditional episodes and conversations in the next couple of weeks. Until then, enjoy this fun and wandering conversation about restaurant fires, The War on Drugs, Kane Roberts, and other cool stuff.

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