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Episode #20: Roadisode 2 With Ken The Zen and Deni Gauthier

I like roadisodes.

I know they don’t quite fit the general format of the show, but they’re fun for me because it’s me sitting in a hotel room talking with my friends and bandmates and for me it’s fun. I also travel with some very funny people, so listening back to the conversations makes me laugh.

I hope you laugh too.

But as I said in the introduction to this episode, roadisodes – so far, at least – are also instructive. Talking to people like Deni Gauthier and Ken The Zen is an education not only in music, but in chasing dreams. These guys don’t just talk the talk, if you’ll permit a cliché. The two roadisodes we’ve done have also gone to heavy places and delved into important topics like metaphysics, intention, ego, personal growth, and taking criticism.

What I didn’t say in the introduction is that roadisodes also exemplify this idea of doing the hustle. Most people who pursue a dream or project begin it as a side hustle. And it’s tiring. It can take a lot out of you to work full-time and then try to make room to do your writing or painting or songwriting or online business or whatever you’re trying to do. So it is with podcasts for the working musician. I run an interview show. It’s hard to do that on the highway, so I’ve had to get creative with keeping things going while I’m not at home.

You have to do the work.

For me that means not only finding ways to create content on the road, but making the time and spending the effort to do it. Over the past few months, a lot of my van time has been spent editing podcast interviews. After a show it would be easier to just chill in my room (after all, I just spent the evening working), but if you want something to succeed you have to make sacrifices for it, so we set up the mics and do the roadisode. Yes, I know it’s not an especially difficult thing to do and chances are we’d be sitting up talking anyway, but it still takes work. It also takes work to put that episode together as we travel.

The good news is that I like doing it. And if you have a side hustle, hopefully it’s something you like doing too or what’s the point in doing it?

I need to thank Ken and Deni for agreeing to be part of this episode. Roadisodes don’t work so well if they don’t join in, so thanks lads! And thanks to each of them for sharing their stories, their ideas, their jokes, and their moose calls.

If you want to know more about my two bandmates, I profiled each of them in the first Sarah Smith Euro tour blog in 2017. You can read those profiles here.

Yes, there are more roadisodes coming. Hopefully Europe will serve up some fun guests that will inspire and entertain all of us along the way.


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