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Episode #9: Staying The Course With Sarah MacDougall

I met Sarah MacDougall via my London Groove Machine music blog – one of many lingering gifts that came from that little project. We did two interviews for the blog, and over the years got to be friends.

I have loved Sarah’s music from the very beginning. She writes epic pop/dark folk songs that, as we talk about in this episode, tend to feature unusual and compelling rhythm parts. They also feature her very unique voice. She has released four albums to date, including her most recent album, All The Hours I Have Left To Tell You Anything (2018).

Sarah was raised in Sweden and has travelled all over the place playing shows. She also spent some time living in a cabin the Yukon. She began playing and writing her own music as a teenager, which inspired her first band in Sweden. The band had a hilarious name, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what it was (it’s one of the great stories I’ve ever uncovered in all my years as an interviewer).

In the past year or so, Sarah collaborated with storyteller Ivan Coyote on the multimedia stage production Trader Time. Set in the Yukon, the play tells stories of northern life through a radio call-in show. Sarah wrote the score for the production. The play launched successfully in 2018 and there are plans in place for it to tour in Canada and possibly in Europe.

Yes, Sarah stays busy.

Our conversation touches on a lot of stuff that’s on my mind these days – passion, faith, synchronicity, and making it work. As with all successful artists, there have been what I call a few “happy accidents” along the way for Sarah. We talk about them in the episode, as well as what it takes to keep pushing forward in a tough business. Sarah’s calm assurance and intrepid nature have helped her stay optimistic and given her the courage to chase her dream of being a full-time artist.

I hope you enjoy this cool and inspiring conversation with my friend Sarah MacDougall. You’ll be pleased to know that as of this writing, her kitchen appliances have not attacked her in her sleep.

But we’re still keeping an eye on them.

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