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Episode #3: Just Doing it With Deni Gauthier

Deni just did it.

Making records, booking shows, creating art, building a studio, doing t-shirts, becoming a full-time independent musician and entrepreneur.

He just did it.

No overthinking. No self-doubt. No negative projections. Just do it. Throw yourself in, learn, improve, take chances, give your energy, and maintain a consistent faith that things will work out in the end.

So far, so good.

I know Deni very well. Weeks on the road will bind people together quickly and intensely. Deni is my road roommate in the touring band for Sarah Smith. We’ve gone around Europe together, riding in vans, sleeping in hotels, sipping wine and talking about all of the important things in life. I’ve also been lucky enough to back him in his band a few times. He has a rugged kind of wisdom, a goofy spirit, and an unexpectedly gentle sensibility that comes out in his songs. He’s a talented man.

He’s also an animal.

You have to be an animal to approach your work with the discipline and the commitment that he does. But as you will hear in our conversation, he has also learned to take advice, to check his ego, and to learn from other people in service of his art. As much as I’m impressed with Deni’s music, I’m impressed with his attitude. With his competence. He is very self-assured, but in an endearing, rather than an off-putting way.

When I started the podcast, I knew I wanted Deni to be one of my first guests. I wanted my audience to understand through his example and experience that it’s possible to do the things you want to do and build the life you want to build. It takes humility, intuition, willingness to improve, and a relentless optimism. He has used those things – along with a tremendous support from his wife and kids – to create a life that is purely and uniquely his own.

So if you’re struggling with how to succeed, how to grow, how to move forward with the dream, listen to what Deni has to say on this episode.

Then just do it.

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