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Episode #2: Thriving In Two Careers With Kurt Dahl

I met Kurt Dahl when my former band Hiroshima Hearts opened for his band One Bad Son on two separate occasions. We both play YC Drums, which is often a nice conversation starter for me. He’s a great guy playing in a equally great band.

But it’s not just Kurt’s drumming that made me want him as a guest on the show. He’s established himself as the Lawyer/Drummer, thanks to his thriving career as an entertainment lawyer. Anyone in the music biz (or in the arts more generally) knows how hard it can be to make a living on the art alone. I’m interested in people who balance the business with more traditional jobs and Kurt has done it beautifully.

People who tour in music will also know how hard it is to make a family work under the circumstances. Kurt has a wife and two young kids, but somehow he finds a way to balance everything.

I want the podcast to be about possibility. As much I can, I want the show to inspire people to chase their dreams and find ways to make it work. Kurt is an example of what’s possible if you’re willing to put in the work, be a bit creative, and make appropriate sacrifices. He’s proof that you can make your musical dreams come true and not only have a day job, but have a day job that fulfills you.

Kurt’s gratitude and humility impress me. As you listen to our conversation, you’ll hear how much he appreciates the success he’s had, how humble he is about it, and how committed he is to helping other artist bring their dreams to life.

Enjoy the episode!

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